Cape Fear (1991)

A psychological thriller type movie that starts off as a Grisham Law Drama and quickly runs off the deep end to a silence of the lambs se7en movie.  At some points it’s almost too over the top, but I always felt interested and engaged, even if the boss fight was a little stretched out. The main family’s incompetence is a little frustrating, and their past relationship struggles aren’t really elaborated on enough to feel like a necessary part of the movie. Still a fun and exciting watch.

This movie was very well made and the acting was very phenomenal as well! It was intense from the get-go, and didn’t stop even after it ended. One of the best ones that we have watched on HBO so far, hands down. I did not know what was going to happen next and with each moment, the movie kept getting better and better. Great job, Scorsese!

Grisham – 7.5/10

Sam – 9/10


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