By The Sea (2015)

We both had two very different opinions on this movie.

Jolie’s passion project was boring, arrogant, and miserable.  The first half of the movie could have been summed up by three or four still images of Brad and Angelina staring at the landscape, which had more character than either of them.  By the time either of them begin to say or do anything interesting, I was so sick of either of them pouting about that it didn’t matter what else they did. The second half is about two old gray miserable blobs of flesh that perv out on a couple of bunnies in the room next store. The pay-off for why Angelina Jolie was so miserable is predictable and handled in such a boring obvious way that its annoying they waited 2 hours to reveal it. Everyone complains that there aren’t enough female directors or screenwriters, and that most female roles are non feminist-friendly, but even Jolie paints women as a means of reproduction, Men as only using their wives for sex, and she casts herself and her own in movie marriage as flat and 2 dimensional. Overall, the idea behind this movie started as “What if I was sad because I couldn’t have kids” and never matured passed that.

On the other hand, it did need a bit more plot line, but this movie was really well done! Acting and chemistry was obviously great between Pitt and Jolie and a very pretty setting. They should have given more story in the beginning so that we could understand it more, but I liked it overall.

Grisham – 3/10

Sam – 7/10


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