Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (2007)

A good straight to TV movie about an interesting, albeit politically charged subject, that handled its topic with grace and what seemed like authenticity to someone who doesn’t know much better.  The inclusion of the love interest seemed forced and useless due to the lack of emotional scenes between Elaine and Charles. This also made Elaine feel out of place and otherwise insignificant.  The ending also would have been more effective if it was real time instead of a few black and white cutscenes threaded together. Overall, it was successful in educating without being a documentary, and colorful and lively enough to keep me interested.

I also like that the actors were true to the heritage of being Native American, and they didn’t use just white actors like some movies do. I also thought the movie dragged on a bit.

Grisham – 7/10

Sam – 6/10


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