The Brothers Bloom (2008)

The Brothers Bloom is a qwirky, highly stylized Anderson-esque film with a very strong opening act followed by a slow yet satisfying smolder.  The two main brothers and the leading actress are interesting, 3 dimensional characters, but they are surrounded by colorful yet ultimately useless supporting characters, which feel more like a showcase for the director and costume design’s talent than drivers of the plot. There were a couple moments of interesting foreshadowing set up fairly often in the movie, including Bang-Bang “not knowing more than three words of English” and speaking 4, and Stephen saying “the day I can you [Bloom] is the day I die] which sets up the ending fairly early.  That the movie is so upfront about its trickery, double-crossing, and twists to come may be interesting to some, while others may feel conned by the best in the business, The Brothers Bloom.

The movie was too long, and the last 20 minutes of the movie was the best part.

Grisham – 7/10

Sam – 6/10


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