Bringing Out the Dead (1999)

This movie shows the real-time profession of being an EMT in a busy city, and man it is stressful! Just watching this movie gave me anxiety, and made me realize that this is not a job that I would want to have. In the middle you sort of get used to the stress and then there is no plot for about 20 minutes and then you forget what the movie is about. The end was very unsatisfying as there was no resolution to his issues. This movie was very fast paced, but also dragged along at the same time. I feel that the beginning of the movie had a lot of potential, but then it got boring and was a waste of time. This movie had the potential to have spooky parts but it did not, and I feel that there should have been. Overall, we feel that Frank, the main character played by Nicholas Cage, should just move to a smaller, less terrible place with a better hospital.

Grisham – 6/10

Sam – 5/10


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