Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

Being a recent superhero movie, I expected great things because I have seen a couple of the Marvel movies and Spiderman movies and they were all great! But I have never seen a Superman movie before, nor the modern Batman movies. Because of this, I instantly fell in love with Superman, the guy that played him, Henry Cavill, is basically a human God. His story in this movie was very good as well. Now, Ben Affleck as Batman I was not a fan of at all. He was very gloomy, as shown in the movie poster above, and his story was also very sub-par. It was definitely not the best Batman movie I have watched.

Grisham thought that the movie was very well shot and had very good special effects. It is also the “7th most expensive movie ever made,” so I am glad the effects were worth it. Even though the fancy effects we effective, the story was still stupid, making it a bad movie.

Grisham – 4/10

Sam – 6/10


2 thoughts on “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

  1. The fact that this was your first introduction to Batman and Superman really upsets me, but at least the viewing can’t get any worse from here. This film was definitely not one of DCs best.

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