Batman: The Killing Joke (2016)

Out of all the Batman movies that we had to watch, this one was the newest one. Grisham was also most excited to watch this movie out of all the others because he had heard it was good. Even though it was animated, I still expected the quality to be good because it was relatively new. The animation of this movie was not as good as the last one we watched: The Dark Knight Returns, even though it was newer. Grisham was also not impressed by this movie, because he heard such good things about it.

I was the opposite. I thought the back story was good and so was the plot! It was a very creepy movie, especially with Mark Hamill as the classic Joker. This was also the first Batman movie so far where I was not confused and did not have to ask Grisham 200 questions to understand what was going on. They explained everything, which is good for the Batman beginner, like me.

Grisham – 7/10

Sam – 7/10


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