Batman (1989)

Now we are about to be on a LONGGGG Batman streak, hope you are ready.

I had never seen a Batman movie before in my life. So I am glad I got to start with this one: the classic. Michael Keaton I felt was a pretty good Batman for not knowing any better and I thought the acting was VERY good – especially Jack Nicholson as the Joker. Not knowing anything about Batman before seeing this movie, I found the story to be a little confusing and odd, because there was no real background. Also, the ending was not really clear either. But I really enjoyed this movie and I am glad that it was my first! Kudos to Tim Burton.

Grisham, on the other hand, likes The Dark Knight Batman movies better (which I had never seen) so he thought the movie was decent, but it was a bad Batman movie.

Grisham – 5/10

Sam – 7/10


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