Bait Shop (2008)

We are on a bad movie streak in the B’s and this is one of them. This movie was not funny and I do not know the purpose of this movie at all. It was also not interesting and kind of boring. Grisham was not sure what age group they made this movie for? Because it was not a kid’s movie, or one for teenagers, and adults probably do not like it either. It had a very typical plot: guy needs money to save his shop, guy hears about a way to win money!, then he enters the contest with struggle, and wins the money. Billy Ray Cyrus was the big-shot guy in this movie and he was pretty unnecessary.

Side note: I was distracted half way throughout the movie because I thought I saw my favorite iced tea in the fridge, which is rare to find!!!

Overall – not a good movie.

Grisham – 1/10

Sam – 1.5/10


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