August Rush (2007)

I had watched this movie a decade ago when it first came out and I thought it was really good back then. Rewatching it 10 years later, I found that this movie is still just as good and you are rooting for the family the whole time. The story line is a little odd, but cute. How convenient it is that they are in the same city at the same times? And little fetus Freddie Highmore (who now stars in one of our favorite TV shows: Bates Motel) plays the guitar perfectly in order to find his parents. I was not really a big fan of Robin Williams in this movie, but maybe that is the point. The ending in this movie is lackluster – you want more after it is over. Does everything work out? Are they a family? How can they adopt this child? Grisham also thought it was cheesy, of course.

Grisham – 6.5/10

Sam – 7/10


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