Astro Boy (2009)

First off, what kind of a kid’s movie is this???! SPOILER: the boy dies in the beginning of the movie!! Why did he have to die? I kept thinking that he was still going to be alive and that the movie was a joke or something, but nope, he really dies. So his father makes a ROBOT VERSION OF HIM??? I should’ve just stopped watching there. But I couldn’t. I had to know what this was about. Even though, the whole idea of the movie is absurd, the robot boy was nice and had feelings and I was rooting for him. The ending was also good along with the supporting characters. I do not think this is a kid’s movie because they do not need to be thinking about death. It is not a happy movie. But I liked it.

Grisham – 4/10

Sam – 6.5/10


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