As You Like It (2006)

Shakespeare movies are usually a hit or miss, depending on how they are portrayed. For instance, there are plenty of portrayals of Romeo and Juliet as well as Macbeth and Hamlet, but I have never seen a portrayal of this play before watching this movie. We actually read this play a couple summers ago, just for entertainment, and we really enjoyed it, so I was excited to watch this.

The movie is set in Japan, which does not make any sense to me. They all have old English accents, but they are wearing kimonos and Japanese armor? When the characters go into the woods, it is a little better, but still not much improvement. I was very disappointed and confused by this portrayal of Shakespeare. The only saving grace of this movie was the acting and that they still used the Shakespearean language (even though it made no sense).

Grisham – 6/10

Sam – 3/10


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