And Starring Pancho Villa As Himself (2003)

We had never heard anything about this movie before we watched it, and it was actually surprising good (well anything with Antonio Banderas is good)! Because of Banderas’ acting in this movie, Grisham now thinks of him as one of his favorite actors. This movie was entertaining and the audience did not know what was coming next. Grisham’s only problem with this movie was the “spoon-fed moral” part at the end. Maybe because it was a TV movie, they felt that they had to add this part, but it really was not necessary. It was also interesting to realize that Pancho Villa was a real person, even though I do not think this movie was a true story. My only issue is that I am not a fan of movies being filmed inside movies. But the acting was fabulous.

Grisham – 8.5/10

Sam – 7.5/10


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