All the President’s Men (1976)

Before watching this movie I had only heard that it was good and was nominated for and won a bunch of Oscars. But, I had no idea what it was about. Even while watching the movie, I was confused because there was really no back story. I realize now that it should be obvious what this film was about and what was going on. But it just wasn’t. To a young adult who has no interest in American history and does not have much knowledge of presidential affairs, I was quite confused. I needed the background story and for the film to tell me exactly what was going on.

Grisham, on the other hand, knew what the movie was about and what was going on, but thought that the movie was boring but with an interesting topic. He would rather watch a documentary about the subject of Watergate then watch this movie. We both agreed that the acting was phenomenal and made the movie a little better.

Grisham – 4.5/10

Sam – 4/10


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